Our Code of Ethics

At Schoolhouse Learning, LLC our code of ethics governs the way we do business and work with our scholars and parents. We adhere to the highest standards in the conduct of our programs, classes and workshops.


We hold all information pertaining to your child’s education strictly confidential. Child’s progress and test scores are kept between the parent, the child and Schoolhouse Learning, LLC teacher.


We strictly keep all relationships on a professional level. We encourage cooperative effort with the parents and their child’s education. Working together can only help your child progress academically.


We know what our programs are capable of achieving. We will do our utmost to meet our obligations to our students. While we do not guarantee easy solutions, we will continually work towards a solution that best meets the needs of our students. Fees are agreed upon in advance and are charged in accordance with an established set of rates. We strive to accomplish the greatest possible improvement in the shortest time.


We value your child’s safety more than anything else; there’s no such thing as being too careful! Every instructor and staff member at our facility gets a background check through KidsSafePlus, it is the most comprehensive and secure background check service on the market.