Grades 1-6 Programs

Common Core Mathematics (Grades 1-6)

After extensively studying the New York Common Core Math curriculum, Schoolhouse Learning has developed a unique method of teaching math with a combination of language, mental and graphical techniques.

1. Making the mathematical problem a “language problem”

Language plays an important role in understanding and solving mathematical problems. Scholars are taught the meaning of words; they’re also taught how to explain their thought process and reasoning verbally and out loud. Our teachers will evaluate their verbal answer and correct our scholar’s thought process.

Example: “Percent” is taught by breaking the word down into its components: per CENT, per hundred (latin), in other words “for each 100.” Using this definition, students think of “8% of 300” as “8 for the first 100, 8 for the second hundred, and 8 for the third hundred. 8 + 8 + 8 = 24.”


2. Making the mathematical problem a “mental problem”

Our scholars are taught how and when to get rid of paper-and-pencil work and use mental math techniques instead. This allows them to focus on the task at hand, have a good grasp of the underlying mathematical problem, which will eventually save time during math tests.

Example: “19+29+39+49=____?”, instead of actually solving the long addition problem , our scholars are taught to solve this problem as follows “20+30+40+50-4=136”, this is another method to solve the problem, where our scholars will save time and learn how to develop their own mathematical mental shortcut.


3. Making the mathematical problem a “graphical problem”

Graphs and tables are used to explain mathematical concepts. Many of the problems provided to our scholars are “picture and graphic based”, providing them with what goes beyond the written words.

Example: Many of the math problems at Schoolhouse Learning, LLC feature pictures to help scholars solve them quick and without any confusion. “Find the area of each shaded section. Each block is 1 square unit.”


4. Making mathematical problem a “composition problem”

We give our scholar an abundance of practice in the form of printed clearly written worksheets, with plenty of mathematical problems to be solved, as a necessary method to grasp the studied mathematical concept.

Example: Click Here

In addition, we are committed to teaching and showing parents how to go about teaching Common Core math to their children. Workshops will be held at Schoolhouse Learning , LLC where we will go over the NY Common Core curriculum and we will teach you how to solve problems according to such curriculum.
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