Experienced, creative, talented, passionate, team player, dedicated and motivated!

Do these words describe you? Schoolhouse Learning, LLC believes in attracting and retaining the best employees. We value creativity, communication and global awareness of our staff. We strive to increase the overall quality of our work environment and to contribute to our communities as a whole. We look for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, passionate in their work and creative team players who are willing to multi-task and help our scholars thrive.

As an educational business, our main focus is children and young adults. As an employer, we value our staff. Each employee works toward improving the experience and success of our scholars. Our staff see their work as a way to change and shape the world. Our staff contributes toward improving the quality of education and life for all children and young adults, regardless of their age, background and abilities. At Schoolhouse Learning, LLC we break barriers, face obstacles and build bridges!  Our instructors possess various areas of expertise, but we all share a common goal: Enriching our community, one scholar at a time!

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