About Us

The Schoolhouse Learning Approach

When it comes to Math, we implement a unique array of verbal, mental, visual and written methods in our education method. At Schoolhouse Learning, our scholars are assessed and then a customized learning plan will be issued depending on their needs.

The Schoolhouse Learning Assessment

Every Schoolhouse scholar will get assessed by either taking a short customized exam or, with the help of our qualified instructors we will review our scholar’s School Math work and assess his or her educational needs. Math builds upon itself; it is critical to diagnose the needs early on, go back to such concepts, understand them, master them then move on to the next. We will determine with great accuracy the needs of our scholars. Concepts that the scholar already knows will be reinforced, and weaknesses will be addressed and fears will be conquered. At Schoolhouse Learning assessment is ongoing, regularly provided throughout the scholar’s instruction to ensure mastery. At Schoolhouse Learning we want to assure progress and guarantee that mastered concepts are never to be forgotten!

The Schoolhouse Learning Plan

With a combination of available educational material and materials available from the New York State Department of Education’s common core curriculum, a customized learning plan for instructing math concepts will be provided. Once concepts mastered, our scholars will engage in fun educational games that will apply and test learned concepts.

Our Educational Family

At Schoolhouse Learning, trained, caring instructors get paired with 3-4 students to implement the learning plan and to ensure that our scholars master concepts. At Schoolhouse learning, no homework will be assigned! All of the classes take place at our Central Avenue location. Our instructors foster a caring, kind, encouraging environment that helps our scholars learn and prosper.

Many of our instructors are highly motivated college students, retired or currently certified teachers that work at local schools. All of our teachers will pass an educational math screening that tests mathematical thinking and familiarity with the Schoolhouse Learning approach. Furthermore, we will determine their capacity to translate complex concepts in a relatable way for our scholars. Our teachers won’t have to pass both an interview for the job, they will need to pass a background check as well as an audition in front of all other Schoolhouse Learning instructors!

We hope that our scholars’ results are transformative. Parents will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence and ultimately, grades in school and scores on tests.